6 Reasons Why Singapore Is the Best Place to Live

6 Reasons Why Singapore Is the Best Place to Live

What makes Singapore best place to live? Why is it the ideal home for you to live in out of all the countries in Asia? With competitors like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and even Hong Kong? What makes Singapore stand out? What are the places to see in Singapore that you can visit and even enjoy? And what are the things to do in Singapore that makes it unique from the rest?

What makes Singapore best place to live?

Stable Government & Low Corruption Rates

Singapore ranks as the 6th least corrupt country in the world, according to the ranking of Transparency International’s Corruptions Perceptions Index. The Lion City outranks Hong Kong, and even Japan in the least corruption rating making it the least corrupt state in Asia. With that said you can be certain that you will enjoy living in a country that has low corruption rate.

Another good standpoint to look at is the stability of Singapore’s government. Threats of insurgency and rebellion that plagues most Southeast Asian countries are not present in Singapore. You can be certain that while you are living in Singapore that you and your family are safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about strikes plaguing the country’s public transportation system. Threats of militant groups causing havoc in small towns won’t also be an issue for you.

Combine a stable government and low corruption rate, and you got one of the best places in Asia based on the government alone.

Low Crime Rate & Low Unemployment

You can be happy to know that Singapore has the 2nd lowest crime rate in the world. It is regarded as the safest country in Asia, with one of the lowest murder rate in the world at 0.3 per 100,000. This means that you won’t have to worry about robbers breaking into your house. Or, thieves in the streets snatching your belongings while you shop. You and your family can feel safe and secure in Singapore compared to other countries in Southeast Asia or even Asia.

With safety issues out of the way, another good thing that makes the ideal home Singapore is its low unemployment rate. At just 2.2% Singapore outranks countries like Japan, United States of America, United Kingdom and many others. The only country in Asia that ranks higher than Singapore is Thailand.

A World-Education Hub & Green Living

If you’re a parent with kids to raise, finding a country that has an excellent education can be hard. But, Singapore is proud to say that it offers one of the best education systems in Asia. The government spends 20% of its budget on education alone. And you can be sure to note that your kids will be educated on the importance of healthy living. They will also be taught about the harmful effects of drugs and violence. Children are also educated about environmental awareness and the good effects of clean and green living.

One of the places of interest in Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay, the waterfront park that attracts both residents and tourists alike. The top list of the things to do in Singapore is to visit the Skywalk located in the Gardens by the Bay and see the whole park through a skywalk anchored between two of the larger Super Grove Trees of the park.

Final Thoughts

With its low crime rate, stable government, low corruption, low unemployment rate and excellent education system Singapore is the best place to live in Southeast Asia and Asia even. You can be sure that while living here, you and your family can be safe and secure. The country’s nature consciousness can help you raise kids who care for the environment and are catalysts for a sustainable future.