Singapore Gateway: Your Key To Connecting To Southeast Asia

Singapore Gateway: Your Key To Connecting To Southeast Asia

The gateway to Southeast Asia is Singapore. Asia, Southeast Asia to be exact is a booming market that is waiting for you to tap into it. But, most foreign investors don’t see the potential of this region? And even you may not even be aware of the potential of this region.[/caption]

Why is Singapore the gateway to Southeast Asia? What makes Southeast Asia such a lucrative area? Is it the growing economies? The rich natural resources? The cheap but educated workforce? The mass number of consumers? Or the overall financial growth of the region? There are numerous reasons why you should break through to this lush region. But, that is not what we will be discussing today. We will be discussing the reasons how you can enter the market using the gateway of Singapore.  Want to find out how? Then read on.


Reasons Why Singapore Is the Gateway to Southeast Asia

Tightly Knit Connections

Of the countries located in Southeast Asia, Singapore stands as a global business hub. It is a business gateway for many investors to start their bases in the region. And doing business in Singapore is not hard, in fact, it is easy to do business in the country. The city-state is a business hub known for global trade. It has a tight connection with countries belonging to the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). These countries include Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Because of Singapore’s stand as an affluent country and its trade deals with the countries within the region, entering the markets of these countries is easy.


Competent Workforce

Singapore boasts of a highly educated and highly competent workforce who are well versed in technology. The workforce is not only skilled but also possess a good work attitude, that puts productivity and mastery at their forefront. The gateway that is Singapore has ranked top in labour force evaluation done by the Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) in the year 2014. You will find that in hiring Singaporean residents as employees, they deliver fast, quality results and good work attitude. Another good plus with Singapore’s workforce that you will find is that they can use the English language well. Since English is the business language of the country, all documents pertaining to business has an English translation.


Sophisticated Infrastructures

Being a global business hub Singapore boasts of sophisticated infrastructures. From efficient and high-speed transport systems to eco-friendly buildings. Internet wired structures and well-monitored streets and alleyways. Singapore is a country that has invested resources into making its infrastructures technologically advanced. Its “Smart nation” program aims to harness technology to the fullest and help improve the lives of its citizens. This economic and financial gateway that is Singapore boasts of well-regulated inflow and outflow of traffic. You will be pleased to note that even their ports and airports are awarded for their efficient service.


Legal Protection & Business Environment

Singapore has a lot of rules set to protect entrepreneurs doing business in the city. The transparent processes and digitally wired government offices make it easy for you to get the information you need. From registering your company to starting your first sale, the gateway that is Singapore will make things easier for you.

You are welcomed by the business-friendly government. It has implemented low tax rates and incentives for foreigners like you who are planning to do business in the city. The stable government that has no red tape around its ordinances gives you a solid foundation for your ventures in the region.



The gateway that is Singapore is not just a door that allows you to enter other markets. It is a home base from where you can launch your campaigns into the region. With Singapore as your springboard, you can be sure to have a rock-solid startup for your business ventures in the area. And with the region’s four advantages, you can be confident that the road to your ventures is destined for progress and growth.