Offshore Companies and Licensed Trust Services: Introduction

Offshore Companies and Licensed Trust Services: Introduction

“There are a wide variety of vehicles available offshore that may provide alternative means for holding of wealth and investments e.g. offshore companies, trusts, foundations, protected cell companies, private equity and offshore funds and other special-purpose vehicles. Before such vehicles are selected, it is paramount to consider all legal aspects and the governing law, the tax implications on ownership, on income and capital gains and the enforceability of rights and ownership.” Lee, C. (2017). The Rockwills Guide to Succession and Trusts in Wealth Management. Singapore: Rockwills Institute Pte Ltd.

Why Lexico Business Solutions?

For business owners to capitalise on the benefits of an efficient holding structure, it is important to work with a reputable expert in offshore company and trust services. A trustworthy expert will not only be equipped with the technical knowledge to design a legal wealth holding structure optimal for your needs and in dealing with your cross-border transactions. Also, the advice will be based on an intrinsic understanding of your business context and personal goals.

In deciding on the appropriate vehicles, many considerations come into play. The varying benefits of each vehicle and jurisdiction are dependent on each of their key features. Find out more about Offshore Financial Business and our affiliated provider of Licensed Trust and Trustee services.

We uphold the highest confidentiality standards when dealing with our clients. We will maintain anonymity for our clients and will not divulge any information to any third party without prior consent.

Lexico Business Solutions also provides specialised company management/ corporate secretarial services to free your time from the mundane duties to be focused on achieving their business goals.

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