How to Set up the Right Type of Singapore Business Structure for a Foreigner

Singapore is the melting pot of the South East Asian Economy, companies foreign or local are clamouring to start doing business in this progressive nation. The ease of incorporating Singapore companies has been the driving force of this influx of […]

Singapore Business Structures

Singapore Business Structures for Foreigners

Singapore is the preferred choice for many who wish to establish a strategic presence for a multitude of reasons. Consistently ranked as one of the leading pro-business countries in the world, many foreigners make a mark in the diverse economy […]

The Big Idea and Success

The Big Idea and your Entrepreneurial Success

Have you identified a lucrative opportunity or cannot wait to realise a business idea? Time is not only a precious commodity for business owners, but it is also a determinant resource for your commercial strategy. The more time you can […]

Offshore Companies Licensed Trust

Offshore Companies and Licensed Trust Services: Introduction

“There are a wide variety of vehicles available offshore that may provide alternative means for holding of wealth and investments e.g. offshore companies, trusts, foundations, protected cell companies, private equity and offshore funds and other special-purpose vehicles. Before such vehicles […]

Outsourced Accounting Singapore

Why Outsourced Accounting Services Matter

Bookkeeping and accounting, or sometimes known as transactional accounting, are integral functions to any organisation, regardless of size, business structure or location. Not only does it provide cashflow visibility of financial health which allows the company to adjust its strategies […]

Licensed Trust Company

Licensed Trust Company and Professional Trustee services

Lexico Business Solutions is a business unit of PreceptsGroup International whose core expertise is in providing comprehensive planning and solutions for wealth distribution, wealth succession, estate administration for individuals and families. Rockwills Trustee Limited is governed by the Trust Companies Act […]

Offshore Financial Business Grow your business faster

Offshore Financial Business: Grow Your Business Faster

Wealth management often involves offshore financial business transactions. Offshore companies and structures can be used for various purposes and offer advantages not available to companies incorporated in local jurisdictions. Lexico Business Solutions administers structures and international business companies incorporated in […]

Professional Nominee Services for foreigners with singapore company

Professional Nominee Services For Foreigners With Singapore Company

Appointing a professional Nominee Company Director is not only essential for foreign-owned companies, but it is also a popular option for even local business owners who prefer choosing suitably qualified professionals from our pool of candidates. The Singapore Companies Act […]

Your Key to Understanding Employment Passes for Employees

If you’re a local or foreign businessman, hiring foreign workers and applying for employment passes can be daunting. You might be asking yourself, what are employment passes? What makes employment passes different from EntrePasses? One of the problems you might […]