Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

Set Up a Company in Seychelles


Seychelles is one of the fastest Offshore registrars in the world today. It has the a modern, attractive and all encompassing regulations  that target International Business people to form an  offshore company. Since the introduction of the Seychelles International Business Companies Act , there have been over more than 300,00 Seychelles IBC’s registered, with a few thousand new offshore companies being registered every year.

Company Setup Requirements for Seychelles

  • Minimum 1 Shareholder
  • Minimum 1 Resident Director
  • Minimum Paid-up capital of US$1
  • Appointment of a Registered Agent
  • A local registered office address
  • For a Seychelles Company the Shareholder, Director and Corporate Secretary can be the same individual and or corporate entity.

Features of a Seychelles Offshore Company

  • No minimum capital required
  • No capital gains tax
  • No withholding tax
  • Annual reporting or auditing is not required
  • Local Registered Office required
  • Offshore Company cant engage in business locally
  • Income is exempted from local taxation
  • Low License fee as compared to other similar offshore jurisdictions.
  • Seychelles has one of the fastest Registries of Internal Business companies in the world. A new company can be formed within 24 hours!


The International Business Companies Act, 2016 is the principal statute of the Seychelles relating to company law, regulating offshore companies and  International Business Companies. and local companies. The Business Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 introduced a new territorial tax System in Seychelles as of 1st January 2019 stating that a Seychelles IBC which does  not derive  income in Seychelles is not subject to any tax or duty on income or profits.


Steps to Register a Seychelles Offshore Company

1 Prepare due diligence documents and forms for incorporation;
2 Perform Company Name Search with the Registrar
3 Submit approval for company name with the Registrar
4 Submit signed incorporation forms;
5 Receive Business Registration Certificate
6 Open corporate bank account


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