Your Key to Understanding Employment Passes for Employees

Your Key to Understanding Employment Passes for Employees

If you’re a local or foreign businessman, hiring foreign workers and applying for employment passes can be daunting. You might be asking yourself, what are employment passes? What makes employment passes different from EntrePasses?

One of the problems you might face when you start a business is lack of workforce. Sure, Singapore has a highly skilled pool of workers to choose from, but your company is not the only one in Singapore and competition is tough. Your potential workers may have been hired by your competitor already. And this would be worse if you are in a sector that has limited workers available. So, what do you do? Do you shut down your business? Look for another industry? Or, do you import workers from neighbouring countries in the region? Either way you choose, you will have to get work permits for them. This is where employment passes come in.

In this article, we will try to explain the basics of employment passes. What are employment passes? How do you get employment passes? What requirements are needed for employment passes? Which agency and website do you go to in order to obtain employment passes?

The Basics of Employment Passes

What are employment passes?

Employment passes are work permits given to foreign professionals who are working for businesses in Singapore. Employment passes are for foreign workers hired to work in Singapore while Entrepass is for entrepreneurs who start business in the country.

Who can apply for employment passes?

Your foreign employee can’t apply for their employment pass in Singapore. You have to apply for them. But before you can apply for an employment pass for them, you have to make sure that they meet the qualifications.

Where to apply for employment passes?

You can apply for employment passes for your workers online at the Ministry of Manpower. Click on the link below.

Use your Singpass to log-in and enter in your application.

The fee for an employment pass application is $70 for each application. When the application is issued, you will pay $150 for each pass, and an additional $30 for each Multiple Journey Visa.

What are the requirements for employment pass eligibility?

Foreign workers who have an acceptable qualification preferably with an excellent or good university degree. With professional qualifications or specialist skills.

Workers who have a job offers in Singapore.

For foreigners who work in the managerial, executive job or a specialised job.

Employees who will earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3600. More experienced candidates will require higher wages. So it’s important to note your worker’s work history and the skills he or she has.

Young graduates from good institutions are also allowed to apply for employment passes, but they need to meet the criteria of a salary of at least $3600.

Have your candidate do a self-test to check if they meet the requirements. This way you can make sure that they can meet the requirements before you file for employment passes.

Important Notes

The Ministry of Manpower doesn’t have a list of all the approved institutions. But the Ministry of Manpower evaluates the applicants based on their own merits, and a wide range of criteria such as school rankings, and standards of enrollment.

Even your workers don’t meet the acceptable qualifications they are not usually rejected. In the same way, having acceptable qualifications does not immediately guarantee an approval.

The Ministry of Manpower looks at other factors such as exceptional skills and proven track records.

How long do employment passes last?

Employment passes last for two years for first-time candidates. For people who are renewing their employment passes, their renewed employment passes will last for three years.


Employment passes allow you to get the workforce you need for your business. By learning what the requirements are and where to apply, you can obtain employment passes for the foreigner workers you hire. The best thing of the whole employment pass application is that you can do it online or you can do it manually; the choice is yours.